Turn the Page

Well, here we are again.

I’ve been a little absent for a long while. I’ve fallen out of contact with people, and I’ve neglected or abandoned a lot of pursuits. Aside from sporadic stirrings on Twitter and Tumblr, my digital presence has been pretty limited. Truthfully, my non-digital presence hasn’t been much better.

That wasn’t intentional, though in some ways it was a necessary sacrifice. Since 2013, I’ve had a couple of job changes and moved to Virginia. To put it clinically, my capacity for non-essential activity has been limited. That’s not an excuse. There are choices I could have made better, or at least differently. If you’re reading this, you might have been angered or upset by some of those choices. I’m sorry about that. It won’t change overnight.

But after the events of the last week, I know that’s not good enough anymore. We’ve all just discovered—or at least, we are newly aware—that the world is not in good hands. Institutions that were old and strong can no longer be taken for granted. “Everything will be okay” is not a credible belief system.

In the coming days, we will need to turn to each other. For the sake of everyone’s wellbeing, people like me need to get better at talking to each other. At asking for help, and not waiting to be asked in turn. At saying the unsaid—not just about the challenges we’re facing, but about anything that is important, or empowering, or illuminating, or simply joyful. At being present. Being there. Being a person. Just, you know, being.

None of this comes naturally to me. But I’ll do my best.